Toward Better (Internet) Connection

Texas Legislative Update - June 2023

The Texas 88th Legislative Session has ended, but our legislature remains hard at work, contemplating at least one special session. Items that remain at the forefront of discussion involve municipal organizations and rural Texas citizens.

One key item of interest for rural Texans involves broadband internet accessibility.  The Texas Broadband Development Office (BDO), an organization created by the Texas legislature during the 87th Session, oversees the planning and expansion of broadband internet in Texas, and it wants to hear from you!

Two surveys have been made available for completion: one for Texas residents and one for local governments or organizations. If you are interested in providing assistance click here, Texas Digital Opportunity Surveys and follow the guide to the appropriate survey.

Surveys must be completed by June 16th.  Let them know about your experience with internet access and internet use! The BDO will use the information obtained in the surveys to address barriers to rural internet access and will also use the information as a tool to assist with administration of federal and state funding.

You can be a critical part of positive change in rural West Texas!


person using laptop and mobile phone next to a rural internet router

Share your experience with internet access and internet use. (Clicking on the link or button will take you to the digital opportunity surveys page on the Texas Comptroller website.)